A Twist of Fate – Exposure

For once, I don’t mean exposure in a sexual sense. I mean media exposure, the exposure of having your life scrutinised and speculated on.

Tomorrow, A Twist of Fate is released in ebook format, with the paperback following in a couple of weeks. Much of the plot is focused on how the media treat Callie and Paul after their safe return following the plane crash, and how they in turn handle the celebrity.  Continue reading “A Twist of Fate – Exposure”

A Twist of Fate – Exposure

A Twist of Fate – Desire

Let’s look at another theme from the book before the release of A Twist of Fate on Friday. Today, it’s desire.

That may not be a surprising theme to you – I can hardly write a steamy romance without desire. But desire is part and parcel of so much else: denial, self-awareness, realisation and the hope of love. The extreme desire Callie and Paul feel for each other in the book is borne first out of trauma, but is maintained through conflict, if not explicitly with each other, then for what the other stands for. Continue reading “A Twist of Fate – Desire”

A Twist of Fate – Desire

A Twist of Fate – A Break from the Norm

In anticipation of the release of A Twist of Fate on Friday, today I explore another theme of the book: predictability, or rather, breaking from predictability.

Callie, like so many of us, expects to follow a particular path through life. It’s a path already well-trodden: decent school, good degree, respectable job, a boyfriend her parents and friends approve of … She intends to continue down that path. Why? Because it’s the right path? Not necessarily. Again, like so many of us, she sticks to the predictable because it’s easy, because it’s expected. There is a certain comfort in predictability, even if it isn’t actually the best thing for us.  Continue reading “A Twist of Fate – A Break from the Norm”

A Twist of Fate – A Break from the Norm

A Twist of Fate – Guilt

The excitement is building! Friday sees the release of A Twist of Fate, my first full length book. Various themes occur in this story of unlikely love. In the build up to the release, I explore a theme a day and the part it plays in the story of Callie and Paul.

My first theme is guilt. Continue reading “A Twist of Fate – Guilt”

A Twist of Fate – Guilt

Cricket, cricketers and cor blimey

Wrote this for the Ashes summer a couple of years ago, but in honour of Jimmy Anderson becoming England’s leading test wicket taker yesterday (and as a continuing homage to his uber hotness) let’s just see it again.

Demelza Hart

It’s summer. I’m in Britain. And it’s the Ashes. There follows a slight change from the norm, but don’t worry, it’s still mainly about sex.

For those of you who are not English or Australian, the Ashes is a series of five day cricket matches played between England and Australia and bla de bla de bla … that’s all you need to know. They’re really important and WE HAVE TO WIN THEM (or retain them as we won them before – nya nya nya).

I love cricket. And, as may have been sussed out previously, I love men. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that I therefore love the blokes currently making up the England side, who, let’s face it, on the whole, are FIT. And I mean F-I-T.

Example 1: Mr James (Jimmy) Anderson

Example 2: Mr Stuart Broad

Example 3: Mr Alastair Cook, Captain

Catch my drift?


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Cricket, cricketers and cor blimey

Best sellers, banners and lots of bonking

So, over the last few days, I’ve got things like this (sorry for fuzziness):

Suited to You’s ranking when on a brief free promotion:

37 snipping tool

Suited to You’s ranking when not free:

290 rank

And this (that’s an orange Amazon best seller banner, btw)

bestseller again

Suited to you box setThank you, Tara and Patrick, you little stars. If you want to know why people are buying it, why not read it and find out? Three books in one with compelling characters, romance, and a lot of crazy sex. What more do you want? One five star review said it was ‘filthy and heartfelt in equal measures’ – just about sums it up!

Suited to You on Amazon UK

Suited to You on Amazon US

Best sellers, banners and lots of bonking