What a difference a week makes!

Writing is not my main job. More’s the pity. That would be … something else.

And recently that something else has been horrific. While the horror of it was played out, I snatched little moments here and there to write, but nothing major.

But then – huzzah! – holidays happened, and since then I’ve managed to write and write and write.

And it feels so good.

*happy sigh*

There has been news. Very Good News. News which I can’t yet share but which made my little Easter bunny ears very perky.

On a specific note, I was writing, amongst other things, a blow job scene. I’ve written a fair few of those before, both as an amateur and published writer. I sort of panicked – could I do it again? Make it sound original and fresh? After all, there are only so many ways one person can wrap their mouth around another person’s willy.

But – yes! It worked, and it worked because of the situation, not because of the monumentally different descriptions of tongues and tips and lips and leaks – but because of the new situation and the new characters and the dynamic.

Making erotica work isn’t about detailing sex in a highly original, descriptive way (although I’ll always strive for a fresh approach to that too) but about an exciting, believable premise and a tension ridden situation to start with. What follows will inevitably be gobbled up (every pun intended) if you’ve paved the way properly.

Incidentally, Smut Alfresco is now available on Nook at Barnes and Noble. Gobble away!

What a difference a week makes!

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