Welcome to Nicole Gestalt

I’m thrilled to welcome my very first guest blogger, Nicole Gestalt. Nicole kindly invited me onto her blog the other day, so it’s great to return the favour. Like me, Nicole has a story in Smut Alfresco. Her story, When the Rains Come, is set in Africa and is a fresh and gorgeous take on the outdoor theme. Do read!

Smut Alfresco on Amazon UK

Smut Alfresco on Amazon US

As I am relatively new to the published world of erotica, I asked Nicole to discuss how she got into writing and, specifically, writing erotica.

So, over to Nicole!


What got me into writing erotica?

A long time ago I became ill and found myself in the situation of having to relearn how to write. I had to take English lessons to learn the alphabet and began to learn all the way from the beginning. Eventually these English lessons got into creative writing and using your imagination, for one exercise we were asked to read a single sentence and then carry it on as if it was the beginning of a story. Needless to say I enjoyed that exercise so much I turned up with four versions of a story!

Whilst this was going on to boost my reading skills I took a position doing book reviews, it was there that things fell into place. Upon reading three particular books (Amulet of Fate by Angela Ashton, Journey from the Keep of Bones by Michelle Miller Allen and Zinna by Kira Chase) I found myself in a world of emotions and with the sudden understanding that words could be incredibly powerful – from that point on I knew I wanted to write.  One thing led to another and in less than a year I found myself with a publishing contract and a lot of words under my belt (oh and chocolate cake, there is always chocolate cake involved every time I get a new contract).

It’s been a bit of a whirlwind since that point and whilst I do also write in genres other than erotica my main bulk of publications have been erotica, and I absolutely love it! I love the idea of telling a story whilst weaving the most basic of human emotions into it, I like to be open and talk about everything so for me erotica is the perfect medium and I really hope my readers enjoy reading my books as much as I do writing them.


Nicole Gestalt has been writing erotica for many years. When Nicole is not writing she loves spending her time with her partner, walking and drinking lots of mochas, particularly if they have whipped cream on top. Nicole loves hearing from her readers and can be found at http://www.nicolegestalt.blogspot.com

Her most recent release has been Reigning in Sarah an erotic Christmas pony-play story available from Amazon and published by House of Erotica: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Reigning-Sarah-Fetish-Erotica-ebook/dp/B00C6NBTZ4/ref=sr_1_12?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1365415289&sr=1-12


Welcome to Nicole Gestalt

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