You rang, My Lady?

Oh, she certainly did.

I’ve always loved the Edwardian time period, Edwardians, and especially Edwardian men. So, when writing a story about domestic staff and their liaisons, setting it in the first decade of the twentieth century was, for me, a no-brainer.

The Total-E-Bound anthology which features my story, ‘In Service to the Senses’, is due out on 7 June. The anthology is entitled ‘At Your Service’ and contains five other fabulous stories, all featuring threesomes and domestic staff who take the meaning of service to an entirely different level. My story will also feature in a stand alone edition due out later.

This will be the first story I’ve had published longer than about 5000 words. It’s about 15000 words and it’s my first published piece where I’ve been able to take more time developing character.

Basically, it’s Debauched Downton. It’s roughly the same time period and features a valet, a frustrated Countess and a footman. *wicked grin* Oh, and tight livery. And romance. And … that’ll do for now.


Have some cover art:


And here’s the cover for my stand-alone. Loving it.


More later.

You rang, My Lady?

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