Winter warmers

I don’t know about you, but there’s something about the encroaching winter that fires my imagination and just makes me want to snuggle in somewhere and write.

When the rain starts tapping on the window and the wind whistles outside, I’m a happy bunny. Perhaps it’s  because there’s no longer that obligation to go out and do something just because the sun is shining. Having said that, I did manage a walk on the beach today, but then came back when the rain started and shut out the cold: double inspiration.

I guess dark and rain creates its own intimacy: a sense that you are compelled into yourself (and anyone else who happens to be around). As the weather encroaches around you, you retreat into an examination and observation of the intimate.

I dusted off several WIPs today and am newly inspired with one in particular.

What types of weather fire your muse? For me, it’s winter. Bring it on!

Winter warmers

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