A stress-free Blissemas – available to all!

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Normally I’m loathe to start Christmas celebrations before the 1st of December, but this year I cannot wait and have had to restrain myself from putting up the tree, lighting the lights and tearing into the chocolate.

I know Christmas is all about family, but is there a family in the country which doesn’t have at least one moment of, at best, tense awkwardness, or, at worst, the turkey prongs being flung at someone’s head? As much as my extended family love each other, getting together at Christmas inevitably brings regret and recrimination. And I hate it. I always seem to be stuck in the middle, listening, nodding, trying not to take sides and only succeeding in making things worse.

But it’s not happening this year. This year, it’s just me, husband and our kids.

Talk about Blissemas!

This is why I’m so excited about Christmas. It’s going to be Christmas my way. I can drink as much as I want, eat as much as I want, not worry if the kids haven’t expressed enough appreciation to Aunty So-and-So for their presents; I can watch the Doctor Who Christmas special at the right time; I can delay loading the dishwasher until Boxing Day if I bloody well want to.

Admittedly, tension and intrigue at Christmas provides creatively fertile ground. With all those emotions and complicated dynamics, people slip up. I can’t recall it happening in my Christmas gatherings, but some of my favourite Christmas TV moments involve sexual tension running high at seasonal get-togethers. Let’s hope there’s more of the same on our screens this year.

My other favourite fictional Christmas moments involve ghosts. After all, it wouldn’t be Christmas without a ghost story.

In my story, Willing Spirit, Hungry Flesh, Emma, like me, decides she doesn’t want the hassle of family stress at Christmas. She goes a step further and takes herself off to an isolated cottage. But it’s not quite as isolated as she thought. A blizzard sets in, and, just as she settles down for a stormy night, there’s a knock at the door. Outside is a man, tall, wearing a woollen great coat, utterly gorgeous. He says he’s an army officer home at last. But who exactly is he and why is he out in the storm? Nothing makes sense. Perhaps those rumours of the cottage being haunted are right. Still, if the spirit is willing, the flesh is too. She and her mysterious captain, Harry, certainly know how to keep each other warm.

Here’s a little taster for you just as they start getting to know each other:

‘If I start this, I can’t stop,’ he slurred as his hands moved to her buttons.

‘Then don’t stop.’

And he was kissing her again, devouring and desperate. Whoever he was, whatever he was, it didn’t matter. Reason faded and Harry grew more and more real. Emma’s shirt was soon off and, after a quick unhooking of her bra, her breasts were naked. With a moan of anticipation, he dropped his head and took a nipple hard in his mouth.

Oh, he was not going to go easy. He tugged and laved the nipple almost brutally as his fingers plied her breast. Fuck, that was sweet. Desperate to reveal his body, her fingers skittered over his clothes.

His mouth continued to assault one nipple, and his fingers tugged at the other, pulling and pinching. ‘Oh God, that’s good, that’s so good,’ she whimpered.

He broke away, dragging his mouth up over her neck. ‘Do you like that? Tell me what you like. I want you. I want all of you, you beautiful, perfect creature.’

‘Fuck, Harry , let me see you. I want your body on me, in me. Oh, fuck, hurry.’

By now, she was tearing at his clothes, and he chuckled as he stood up to strip them off. ‘Interesting choice of words for a lady.’

‘Oh, I’m only a lady when it matters. Hurry. I want your cock.’

He smirked, that same delicious smile which had sealed her lust as soon as she’d seen him, and unbuttoned his trousers. Before he had time to pull them down, she was on her knees, reaching in for his already rigid cock. It lurched out hard and high. To hell with a sex-free Christmas. She should have known it would be impossible, although she’d never imagined the opportunity would present itself quite this way. Giving him a teasing grin, she closed her mouth around the rock-hard shaft.

There we go, a hot little Christmas haunting with a touch of the past.

Willing Spirit, Hungry Flesh can be found in the anthologies, Santa’s Hot Secrets and A Seasonal Victorian Spanking, which also features a story – the title story – by our lovely host, Victoria Blisse. If you fancy something more contemporary, look no further than my latest book, Spontaneous – Book One in the Suited to You trilogy.

All good stuff as we get ready for Christmas. Whatever your plans, I hope it’s a good, stress-free one for you all.

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A stress-free Blissemas – available to all!

24 thoughts on “A stress-free Blissemas – available to all!

  1. Wow, I can relate to your feelings on Christmas and family. I had to move 500 miles away to get that peace during the holidays. Thanks for sharing the snippet – it certainly warmed up my morning.

  2. Colleen C. says:

    I have been in a holiday mood for a while now… our Christmas celebrations are just little family get togethers… Happy Holidays!

  3. Trix says:

    I’ve come to believe that less is more at Christmas…no sense making yourself crazy if all it does is make you resent your loved ones!

  4. I love christmas but the stress that comes from dealing with family, buying the right presents, decorating and all that extra work at the kitchen make me long for january! It’s all worth it though! Merry Blissemas!!!

    1. The best time of Christmas is early evening when the presents have been opened, food’s been eaten, there’s good stuff on the tele and everyone’s tired and (hopefully) happy. That’s what I’m looking forward to. Hope yours is wonderful. Merry Blissemas to you too! x

    1. Don’t tell anyone, but … so have I! Love, love, love putting on my favourite old carol CDs. My mum had a tape called ‘The Sound of Christmas’, which started with the sound effect of a howling blizzard and then went into ‘In the Bleak Midwinter’ … still gives me goosebumps when I listen to it! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas too. 🙂 x

  5. jameellah says:

    Oooo very hot! Loved the excerpt! Quite interesting! R-rated scene with a ghost, that’s quite spooky!;P
    And Christmas alone with only family sounds peaceful. But I’m not so lucky this year!:P

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