It crept up on me. Caught me by surprise. My book that is, the second one. Yup. Book Two of the Suited to You trilogy is out! In the craziness of Christmas preparations, here it is, all exposed and ready for tasting. Just in time for Christmas.


I loved writing the last two even more than the first as I could really look into the complexity of Tara and Patrick Lark’s relationship: the subtle control he exerts and the way she responds – unable to stop herself yet knowing she wants even more from him despite her misgivings.

In the first book, it’s all sudden and spontaneous and there seems no grounding for a future. Here, Tara gets little hints of what the future could be, which in fact makes things more complicated and intricate.

But through it all there’s sex. Spankingly sudden sex with each other, sex with strangers, sex which is tried and tested, sex which is new and extraordinary. And it’s all thanks to The Suit. How does this affect Tara? Is great pleasure all there is, especially if it’s controlled by one person?

Here’s a taster for you. We all know what it’s like to be bored on a long flight. Tara finds a way to pass the time with a friend of The Suit’s who just so happens to be sitting right beside her.

His lips were smooth, warm, and certain, and nuzzled me gently, like the hottest boy in the fifth form stealing a moment after the school disco. Oh, I loved the nostalgia of it. And, like the hottest and horniest fifth former, he inevitably took it further. Pushing open my lips, he slid his tongue in and let it dip and delve. I opened wide, enjoying his assured exploration and the faint taste of cinnamon.

He undid my shirt and was soon stroking the down-soft flesh of my boobs. My nipples were tight and needy and I arched forward, wanting him to find them. He did. Long, strong fingers grazed over my right nipple and flicked it, gently at first. I moaned appreciatively and he drew away from my mouth to murmur in my ear, ‘You like that?’

‘Uh huh.’

‘You like those sweet little tits to be teased?’


‘You know he’s watching, don’t you? Lark. He’s watching everything we’re doing,’ he continued to whisper in my ear, his low Chicago drawl making me drip for him.

‘Uh huh.’

‘He wants you to come as much as you do.’

‘Oh yes.’ I sighed as his thumb and forefinger closed upon the nipple.

‘Lark always liked the naughty girls. And you really are a very, very naughty girl, aren’t you, Tara?’

‘Fucking pinch me,’ I groaned, desperate for more. The dragging heat between my legs was agony. Luckily, at that moment, his fingers squeezed tight on my tit and beautiful pain shot through me, searing itself on my mind only as pure sensation. I reared up in the seat with a groan, causing his fingers to twist. More sweet agony.

‘Whoa, steady!’ Carter chuckled. ‘People are looking.’

The man in front had again turned right around for a proper view. I fixed him with my lust-bleary eyes and dragged in a short gasp as my nipple was held even tighter.

Carter dropped down, pulling back my shirt and lifting my breasts from my bra. He smirked as he saw the red torment he’d exacted on the nipple before taking it in his mouth. His tongue soothed and cooled the agonised nub, but soon enough he grew fiercer, and when I felt the bite of teeth, the sheer brilliance of it thrilled me. Thank fuck his fingers were at last working their way under my skirt. I wriggled to help him dispose of my underwear and he finally found my snatch.

‘Fuck, that is soaking,’ he slurred as his hand became coated in my juices. ‘Hell, you’re a greedy little slut, aren’t you?’

Oh yes, I was, and I didn’t care if he told me. He pushed two fingers quick and hard up into me and my cunt clenched on them as hungrily as if they were his cock. He pumped and thrust them inside while the palm of his hand rubbed on my clit. His mouth now found my other nipple and teased and nibbled and sucked it to the same raw pertness as the other.

Then his fingers were out, sliding and grinding over my clit. My eyes flew open and locked with the man in front. Judging by the vibrating of his seat and the glazed look in his eyes, we were providing him with a fine distraction to the tedium of a long-haul flight.

And they don’t stop there.

Exposed – Book Two in the Suited to You trilogy is out now from Xcite Books.

If you fancy a little breather from pre-Christmas preparations, you’ve come to the right place. Sit back, put your feet up, and relax.

With warmest wishes for the season,

Demelza x


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