Sated but still spontaneous

It’s complete! My Suited to You trilogy, that is. The third part is out now and I can feel the heat from here.


We left Tara without The Suit. (I suppose we really should call him Patrick now. Depends on what he’s doing, really.) She’s trying to move on, really she is, but she’s not doing a very good job of it. Never mind. You know who’s about to turn up again, don’t you? And this time, it’s him doing the asking … and telling. Dear Patrick, he’s human after all.

But even as the layers are peeled back, Tara still enjoys some exquisitely spontaneous moments, orchestrated by her supremely inventive Suit. I don’t know about you, but this has never happened to me on the motorway. Here we join Tara, driving up the M4 as she talks to the Suit on the phone. He is urging her to speed away from some policemen.

I swallowed, summoned all my determination, and pressed my foot on the accelerator. The Audi responded instantly, surging ahead. I drew level with the cops and gave them a little glance. They looked, naturally. For good measure, I gave them a little wink, then floored the accelerator. I was propelled ahead faster than I’d bargained for and gave a whoop of surprise. The cops were soon disappearing in the rear-view mirror. It didn’t take long. I saw the flash of blue light and heard the distinctive wail of the siren starting up. A slight feeling of panic overtook me but Patrick’s voice sounded on the phone, focusing me.

‘What’s happening?’

‘What do you think? I’m doing 94. They’re after me!’


‘Good?’ I was still racing along. Luckily, the road wasn’t busy. The cops were keeping pace easily.

‘Enjoy it. Lead them on, Tara. I know how much you like having men chase you.’

‘I’ll have to stop.’

‘You should be approaching the next junction.’

I looked up ahead. Sure enough, there was the exit. ‘Yes! What do I do?’

‘Come off. But don’t stop. Carry on along the A-road for a while.’

I veered off and sped off down the road, the police after me. Patrick was still on the line. ‘You should pass a road on the left with a sign to a farm.’

‘Yes!’ I yelled as I spotted it.

‘Take the next turning on the left.’

‘Ohh shit!’ I wailed, exhilarated and freaked out equally. I turned down the road. The flashing blue light and wail followed me.

‘Do you see a tumbledown shack in a field?’

I glanced over, my hands clutching the steering wheel for dear life. ‘Yes!’

‘Turn right after it.’

I did and had to brake fiercely. The road I was on was little more than a track, unpaved and rugged. The Audi jolted along it. ‘Careful with the car,’ intoned The Suit.

‘I’m fucking trying! I can’t break the law and protect your no-claims bonus at the same time!’

I thought I heard a slight chuckle over the phone but it may have just been the rumble of the tyres.

‘Are they still behind you?’

‘Of course they bloody are! I haven’t stopped yet!’

‘You’ll have to in a moment. It’s a dead end.’

‘How the hell do you know?’

‘I told you, Tara, I know a lot. There’s a sort of turning area at the end. Stop there.’

‘Do I have a choice?’


I came to the end of the track, the hot cops in hot pursuit. The track wound down into some dense woods and came to an end at a gate. I turned as best I could into a wider area and stopped, panting with relief and dread at what was to come. Who was I kidding? I knew exactly what was to come. After all, The Suit had commanded it, hadn’t he? The heavy thud of my cunt grew steadily stronger.

There was a sharp rapping on my window. I looked up with a gasp. It was the dark-haired cop, Ray-Bans now off. He had the most penetrating blue eyes.

‘Step out of the vehicle, please, madam.’

And much fun is had by all.

Sated is available on Amazon UK and Amazon US, and wherever you happen to be in the world. Thanks for your interest, and, if you do spend the few pennies on it, please consider leaving a review. Happy reading. 😉



Sated but still spontaneous

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