Funny haha

I write in a variety of genres, but I can’t help myself. Whatever I write, I usually include humour. It may not be the over-riding tone of the story, but it will normally creep in there somewhere, especially if I’m writing in the first person.

After all, sex is squelchy, messy,  awkward at times, body parts look odd, things make funny noises: it’s glorious and fabulous and wonderful, but it’s also funny. And, as a participant, it’s hard to ignore that. So my participants tend to comment on the humorous aspects. I hope it gives an added intimacy, and added reality. If you, as the reader, can laugh along with someone, there is an immediate empathy and understanding because you are sharing something. Not only that, but it is conspiratorial – it puts a slight distance between the two of you and the others in the scene, not to be remote, but to heighten the sense of empathy.

 Also, if too much emotional energy is invested in sex, there’s bound to be a let down at some point. Yes, a lot of the time, the sex needs to be deeply passionate or rough or intense, but it’s wise not always to take our involvement in it too seriously; that would inevitably lead to disappointment.

In this extract from Sated, Tara is having a jolly good time entertaining a multi-national football team, despite the language barrier.

Someone else moved in and instinctively I pulled off and turned to him. This guy had an impossible name too – Kicktheotherguysnutsovich or something – I couldn’t remember. Nothing wrong with his nuts. I sucked on them, one at a time. He’d been waxed and I appreciated the touch of male vanity – sweet as cherry pie. This guy was younger and louder and very vocal in his encouragement. His cock was lean and long and I appreciated a little less stretch. After all, a girl can get jaw ache.

‘Oh yeah, baby, lick it, lick it, suck it with your lip.’

Apparently, I only had one lip. He had a sweet voice with a lilting Eastern European accent. I think he was Serbian. I’d forgive his broken English.

While I was teaching him the finer points of British hospitality, I wasn’t being neglected. I felt fingers on each breast and exploring my pussy.

‘Jesus, she’s flowing like Niagara Falls!’ exclaimed the captain. I’m sure I was. His were the hands at my snatch and he knew exactly what to do with them. He started with a go at my pussy, deep up inside, scissoring two, maybe three fingers and finding my G-spot. I clearly responded well at the other end, as my sweet little Serb gave a positive groan as I instinctively tongued him rapturously. Then someone probed my arse, which was, as always, initially unexpected and therefore so phenomenally fucking good. My eyes shot open and I laughed around the cock on my tongue. And when rough but assured fingers then rubbed my clit, which was riper than a ready-to-eat M&S peach, I was set to cascade.

You betcha. 😉 x

Book One in the Suited to You trilogy
Book One in the Suited to You trilogy


Book Two in the Suited to You trilogy
Book Two in the Suited to You trilogy
Book Three in the Suited to You trilogy
Book Three in the Suited to You trilogy


Funny haha

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