Dream thinking

Or Threaming. Theaming? Drinking?!

Hmm … I’ll stick to dream thinking.

But you know the time: that hazy, fuzzy state half-way between sleeping and waking. It can happen before we get to sleep and as we’re waking up. Why is it that some of our most creative, free and inspired ideas and thoughts come to us then?

OK, in the cold light of day we may reassess them. Instead of the original and extraordinary genius they were at the time, they may now seem totally bizarre and surreal – or, basically, crap – but quite often they remain in some shape and form the basis of plot turns and effective dialogue or description.

That’s why I love the weekend. Not only does it give me time generally, but it gives me time to extend those moments of dream thinking. Wrapped up in a duvet, the thin light of day still shut out, knowing I haven’t got to rush to work, I can let my mind drift and throw at me whatever it wants.

I try to steer it, to guide it along the road I want to travel. Uh uh. Don’t even go there. To really benefit from dream thinking, you’ve got to give your mind free rein to go wherever it wants, and just take advantage of what it reveals. It’s for the best, believe me. One of these days, you’ll find it’s taken you back where you’d originally intended. But in the meantime you’ve got gems galore to work with, most of which would never have occurred to you.

So, if you have a few extra moments this weekend, snuggle in, drift off, and enjoy it. Let your dream thoughts take you on a fantastic creative journey.

And don’t forget to write them down afterwards. 😉

Some of this was the result of my dream thinking: spontaneous, exposed, and ultimately sated. That’s what dreams are all about.

Book One in the Suited to You trilogy
Book One in the Suited to You trilogy
Book Two in the Suited to You trilogy
Book Two in the Suited to You trilogy
Book Three in the Suited to You trilogy
Book Three in the Suited to You trilogy
Dream thinking

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