The west just got wilder

For some reason, I’d never really written a gay scene between two guys. The situation just hadn’t arisen in my stories (which normally feature a female protagonist). Having said that, in my fan fiction I’ve included one or two moments of exploration between two straight men, but there’s always a girl waiting to distract them. I knew I’d remedy this situation sooner or later, so when Totally Bound asked me to write an MMF threesome story for their cowboy anthology, I jumped right in. Dust and Desire, my story in the newly released anthology Lasso Lovin’ is the result. (Dust and Desire will be released as a stand-alone soon.) Yes, there’s still a girl, but the guys get to have a good time together when she’s not around.

I went for the man-on-man action right from the word go. By page three, Chase and Riff are going for it. And, boy, did I love writing it. Luckily, my concerns about whether or not I could write effective MM sex vanished. The only issue was all those similar body parts. How to distinguish one cock from another? And all those ‘he’s … Tricky. But I managed. 😉

Here’s an extract. Hope you have as much fun reading it as I had writing it. Here, Chase discovers his nemesis, Riff Felton, trespassing on his property, and confronts him.

Chase pushed him hard, pressing his face against the wall and leaning into him malevolently, his heated breath forced from him in his rage. The muzzle of his gun was thrust into the side of Riff’s neck, right where the vein throbbed hot and livid.

“I told you,” urged Chase, “never to show your face round here again, you son of a bitch. I don’t forget, Felton.”

“I can tell,” said Riff, and far from showing fear, his voice contained a hint of amusement. He pushed back, his tight muscles rubbing against Chase. Chase let his breath fall on the other man’s neck, knowing it would warm him… Remind him… Riff’s voice dropped lower. “You missed it, didn’t you?”

Oh Jesus, he had, so fucking much. Chase was back to warm, muggy nights, nights spent under the vast skies, alone save for the stars and him. He was back. He was lost.

Instinctively, as if retracing a path he knew so well, Chase moved his hand down and round, finding him full and hard and ready. Riff gave a deep, throaty moan. “I missed it, Chase. I’ve come back for it. I can’t fuckin’ do without it.”

Barely thinking, Chase undid the buttons of Riff’s leather pants and slipped his knowing fingers inside. Riff’s cock was ready for him, as ready as it always had been. Long and thick, it lurched out. Chase took it and began rubbing in the way he knew Riff loved, using the moisture leaking from the head to lubricate. Up and down, around, hard, fast, assured, he pumped the thick shaft of his enemy, his best friend, his lover. He lowered his gun, uncocked it, and let the weapon fall to the ground. Chase brought his hand up again to Riff’s mouth and pushed his fingers inside the warm wetness. Riff closed his lips on them and sucked hungrily, all the while moaning as pleasure took hold.

“You know what you do to me, you bastard. You know how I love your cock, how I dream of your fuckin’ cock,” slurred Chase.

“You wan’ it? Huh? You wan’ it again? It’s yours, Chase.”

Riff pulled out of Chase’s hold and spun around to face him. Their lips met, hungry and open. Riff held Chase’s head brutally and attacked his mouth with his own, forcing his tongue in deep and hard to claim him. Chase was powerless to stop it, mindless to prevent it. He wanted it as he always had, ever since Riff—rough, cocky, eighteen—had turned up on the front porch of the ranch asking for work.

Riff took hold of Chase’s shirt in his rough hands and ripped. He tore it with ease and ran his fingers over the firm swell of Chase’s chest. “Jesus, you’re even harder than I remember. I could fuckin’ sharpen a blade on this body.”

“Knowin’ you, you’d probably try it.”

Riff chuckled. “Think I’d rather try this.” He moved quickly and smoothly. Chase found himself pinned against the wall in the same way he’d just held Riff, but now Riff was the one taking up position behind, and it was Chase’s pants being undone. He braced himself with his hands against the wall and waited, letting Riff lead. It worked this way. It always did. Chase’s cock bucked in anticipation. His pants were pushed down to his ankles, exposing him fully. Chase leant down, making his ass jut out invitingly.

Chase tensed momentarily—he hadn’t done this in a while. But Riff was as prepared as ever—he rubbed a cool smear of lotion around Chase’s willing asshole.

“Jesus, you’re hot for me. Fuck, Chase, I’m comin’ home.” And Chase felt that glorious stretch, that fantastic singing brightness of pain that soon dulled into fullness and warmth, as Riff squeezed into him. He did it as he always had, slow but sure, letting him know he wasn’t going to go easy, but not harsh enough to deny pleasure.

Chase groaned. He was full again, complete. Riff edged harder up into him, harder and deeper until he nudged against that sweet place inside and made stars burst out behind his closed eyelids.

lassolovin_thumbnail  Lasso Lovin’, featuring Dust and Desire and other stories by fabulous authors Jenna Byrnes, Nan Comargue, Alysha Ellis, Jambrea Jo Jones, and Wendi Zwaduk, is available now.

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The west just got wilder

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