Suited to You is FREE!

Yes, FREE! For a very limited time only, the Suited to You trilogy is absolutely free. This book was last night sitting at the very top of the Amazon UK anthology chart for £2.99, so this is an absolute peach of a chance, but it won’t last long. Get it while you can (ie in the next few days) or you’ll have to reach into your pockets again. You’ll be reaching into your pockets anyway when you read it, but for a very different reason …  Free Kindle Books ad

The Suited to You trilogy follows the adventures of Tara as she once again makes contact with the mysterious Suit, a man she cannot forget after her extraordinary night on the Tube several weeks before. (This story, Come Underground, features in the Your Ultimate Fantasy and Watching Me, Watching You anthologies.) Soon The Suit is leading Tara into increasingly exposed and exhilarating sexual situations, and she is only too happy to go along for the ride. But will she want more from The Suit himself, more than he is prepared to give?

Featuring the hottest scenarios underpinned with human frailty and the need for commitment and romance, Suited to You has it all. Get it free while you can, which isn’t long.

Here’s a little teaser from the second book in the series, Exposed. Here, Tara and The Suit are on a flight to New York, but Tara is sitting next to The Suit’s friend, Carter, whom she has only just met.

As the lights dimmed, people around us settled themselves to sleep. Patrick was the only one who kept his reading light on. I reclined my seat a little. Carter did the same. The seat divider between us was down fully, I realised. I kept it that way.

‘I can never sleep on flights,’ I whispered to Carter.

‘Neither can I. And I hate it when other people can.’

I turned again to The Suit. His eyes flicked to mine before returning to his paper.

The cabin crew had provided us with the softest blankets. I pulled mine over me and curled up on the seat. My leg brushed against Carter’s. I didn’t move it awaySuited to you box set and neither did he. We were completely concealed under the blankets, and the light in the cabin was significantly low. Under the circumstances, my desire surged through me. It didn’t take long for me to act on it.

I moved my leg, deliberately rubbing it along his, then brought my hand over to rest on his thigh. I started to stroke, slowly and lazily. My touch was at first light, just a fingertip or two, then I placed my palm flat on his inner thigh and pressed down. I heard Carter swallow hard. I continued, moving my hand closer to his groin. I felt again that tingle of anticipation – what would I find? I explored upwards to my goal. Oh, yes. What I came across exceeded expectation. I stroked over the mass already straining under his trousers. God, it wanted out.

‘Jesus, Tara,’ Carter murmured. ‘That is so fucking good.’

Drawing down the zip and reaching in, I soon found the naked flesh of his firm cock. My warm hand closed around it.

‘Oh yeah,’ he breathed. I drew my thumb over the head, glad of the drops of pre-cum already oozing from it. I squeezed, knowing more would follow. Coating it across my palm I started a steady hand fuck, up and down with strength and dexterity. Carter moaned.

There were footsteps down the aisle. A female crew member stopped beside me. She leaned down, sticking her cold-eyed face far closer to me in the gloom than needed. ‘Everything alright? Can I get you anything?’

I thought about asking for a vibrator but figured it probably wouldn’t go down too well.

‘No, we’re fine, thanks,’ I smiled sweetly, thinking, ‘Piss off.’ My hand was still working the erect shaft. I thought I saw her eyes flick to the swaying blanket before she moved off.

As much as I was enjoying bringing him off in my hand, I wanted something more. Leaning over to Carter, I whispered, ‘I’d like to suck you off. Can I do that?’

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Suited to You is FREE!

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