Cricket, cricketers and cor blimey

Wrote this for the Ashes summer a couple of years ago, but in honour of Jimmy Anderson becoming England’s leading test wicket taker yesterday (and as a continuing homage to his uber hotness) let’s just see it again.

Demelza Hart

It’s summer. I’m in Britain. And it’s the Ashes. There follows a slight change from the norm, but don’t worry, it’s still mainly about sex.

For those of you who are not English or Australian, the Ashes is a series of five day cricket matches played between England and Australia and bla de bla de bla … that’s all you need to know. They’re really important and WE HAVE TO WIN THEM (or retain them as we won them before – nya nya nya).

I love cricket. And, as may have been sussed out previously, I love men. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that I therefore love the blokes currently making up the England side, who, let’s face it, on the whole, are FIT. And I mean F-I-T.

Example 1: Mr James (Jimmy) Anderson

Example 2: Mr Stuart Broad

Example 3: Mr Alastair Cook, Captain

Catch my drift?


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Cricket, cricketers and cor blimey