Best sellers, banners and lots of bonking

So, over the last few days, I’ve got things like this (sorry for fuzziness):

Suited to You’s ranking when on a brief free promotion:

37 snipping tool

Suited to You’s ranking when not free:

290 rank

And this (that’s an orange Amazon best seller banner, btw)

bestseller again

Suited to you box setThank you, Tara and Patrick, you little stars. If you want to know why people are buying it, why not read it and find out? Three books in one with compelling characters, romance, and a lot of crazy sex. What more do you want? One five star review said it was ‘filthy and heartfelt in equal measures’ – just about sums it up!

Suited to You on Amazon UK

Suited to You on Amazon US

Best sellers, banners and lots of bonking

Suited to You is FREE!

Yes, FREE! For a very limited time only, the Suited to You trilogy is absolutely free. This book was last night sitting at the very top of the Amazon UK anthology chart for £2.99, so this is an absolute peach of a chance, but it won’t last long. Get it while you can (ie in the next few days) or you’ll have to reach into your pockets again. You’ll be reaching into your pockets anyway when you read it, but for a very different reason …  Free Kindle Books ad Continue reading “Suited to You is FREE!”

Suited to You is FREE!

Valentine’s Day, Fifty Shades and All That

The movie’s here. The consensus seems to be that, although hardly a cinematic masterpiece, it’s a lot better than the book.

I shall not comment. We all owe FSoG a lot and I am thrilled a fan fiction writer turned her erotic imaginings into something which gave a lot of people a lot of pleasure and made her rich. If it can happen to her, maybe it can happen to all of us one day. Yeah … right …

Anyway, I’m happy that FSoG exists in both book form and film form.Suited to you box set

We all need good love and good sex. Getting it is never easy, but we can always dream.

Right now, I’m happy because people seem to be buying my Suited to You box set. It has romance. It has established characters and humour and all that. But it mostly has a lot of great sex. If you want some fabulous stuff to wank to, buy it. You won’t regret it. It’s a bargain. Tens of thousands of sexy words for under £3. A lot cheaper than a cinema ticket, and you can enjoy it in private too.

It’s Valentine’s Day. Treat yourself.

Valentine’s Day, Fifty Shades and All That

Gratuitous filth

So, I’m all excited because my Suited to You trilogy box set is riding higher up the Amazon charts.

Allow me a little squee.

Now, I’ve written books where I develop intricate plot and deeply nuanced characters (and a fair bit of sex). I love those books. I’m proud of them. I’ve also written books where people just have a lot of sex and then some more and a bit more. Hot, dirty, wicked, sinful, dirty, dirty sex. Continue reading “Gratuitous filth”

Gratuitous filth

What’s in the box?

What is it they say about three being a magic number?

Now you can read the three adventures of Tara and The Suit together in one box set. Yup, Tara is Spontaneous, Exposed and finally Sated in one big bang.

Suited to you box setSeeing the launch of my series in a bundle has made me revisit it. I’d almost forgotten quite how much fun Tara has throughout the course of the books, with any number of luurvely men, but, after all’s said and done, it’s The Suit, Patrick, that she truly wants. I can’t blame her.

I used to curse myself for writing men that made me jealous of my heroine. I’ve certainly done it with Patrick Lark. But then, I’m jealous of him too. Tara is feisty, indomitable, but knows exactly what she wants, despite being touchingly vulnerable to emotion and the need for love. I wish I had the spirit and guts she has.

The Suited to You trilogy is out now as a box set for the bargain price of £2.99. That’s a whole lot of fun for very little, trust me. 😉

American friends, please click here.

What’s in the box?

Masturbation? Yes, please.

I’ve written many, many sex scenes in original writing and fan fiction. I still feel like a baby starting out in original erotica, but my fan fiction has been going for a while. Out of the thousands of reviews I’ve been lucky to get over the years (all of which I am so grateful for) I’ve only actually had one which told it like it is.

It went something like this: ‘I’ve just had the greatest orgasm from reading this. Thank you.’ Continue reading “Masturbation? Yes, please.”

Masturbation? Yes, please.