Valentine’s Day, Fifty Shades and All That

The movie’s here. The consensus seems to be that, although hardly a cinematic masterpiece, it’s a lot better than the book.

I shall not comment. We all owe FSoG a lot and I am thrilled a fan fiction writer turned her erotic imaginings into something which gave a lot of people a lot of pleasure and made her rich. If it can happen to her, maybe it can happen to all of us one day. Yeah … right …

Anyway, I’m happy that FSoG exists in both book form and film form.Suited to you box set

We all need good love and good sex. Getting it is never easy, but we can always dream.

Right now, I’m happy because people seem to be buying my Suited to You box set. It has romance. It has established characters and humour and all that. But it mostly has a lot of great sex. If you want some fabulous stuff to wank to, buy it. You won’t regret it. It’s a bargain. Tens of thousands of sexy words for under £3. A lot cheaper than a cinema ticket, and you can enjoy it in private too.

It’s Valentine’s Day. Treat yourself.

Valentine’s Day, Fifty Shades and All That