It crept up on me. Caught me by surprise. My book that is, the second one. Yup. Book Two of the Suited to You trilogy is out! In the craziness of Christmas preparations, here it is, all exposed and ready for tasting. Just in time for Christmas. Continue reading “Exposed”


Ooh, unexpected delight!

I wasn’t expecting Spontaneous to be out until Thursday, but it’s on Amazon now.

I guarantee you’ll fall for The Suit. He’s so spontaneous, after all. Who doesn’t like new experiences at the hands of a commanding man with really nice shoes? Tara can’t resist. Can you?

Spontaneous on Amazon UK.

Spontaneous on Amazon US.

Cheeky, witty and very, very sexy. Spontaneous is a whole lot of fun for a few pennies. Go on, treat yourself.


Ooh, unexpected delight!

‘Suited to You’ out soon

Only two days until the release of the first book in my trilogy, ‘Suited to You’.

‘Spontaneous’ finds Tara wondering whether she should contact The Suit. And what will happen when she does? Anonymity brought them together. Will familiarity keep them together?

The Suit – enigmatic, private, commanding. On the surface of it, he fits the bill of every other gorgeous suited multi-millionaire, but what happens when the anonymity starts to crumble? As we all know, there’s no such thing as the perfect man, and Tara is aware of that as much as anyone.

Using the conventional paradigm of the silent, dominating rich bloke, I’ve written a story which explores explicit sexual encounters but links them to what they tell us about our true needs. As we get to know The Suit over the course of the three books, will it bring Tara to a realisation of what she really wants?

Here’s a little teaser for you:

“The train rattled me home. Judder and swish. That familiar rumble on the track. I closed my eyes and remembered the sensations of that glorious night. It had been too long. This was ridiculous. The decision was made.

Once back, I raced up the stairs to my flat and threw myself against the door as it shut. I reached into my pocket and felt for the cool, hard metal of my phone. My eager fingers closed around it and I pulled it out.

Now. Do it now.

My heart started pumping so hard I could hear it booming through my skull. I scrambled for the scrap of FT wedged in my diary.

No hesitation. No regret.

My thumbs worked quickly to tap out the number and I brought the phone to my ear. It was ringing.


What would I say? What if I had to leave a message? But my thoughts were cut off quickly as it was picked up. A voice sounded on the end.


It was him. I’d know that voice again instantly – low and assured. God, it felt good.

‘Hi.’ My mind was suddenly blank. There was silence down the line.

‘It’s me,’ I added. Why should he know who the hell me was?

‘I know,’ he said.”


‘Suited to You – Spontaneous’ features characters first encountered in ‘Come Underground’ which can be found in the Xcite Books anthologies, ‘Watching Me, Watching You’ and ‘Your Ultimate Fantasy’.

‘Suited to You’ out soon

Names are trivial, desires are not

It seems ages ago now that I submitted a follow-up story to Come Underground, the little voyeuristic/exhibitionist tale I told, set in a muggy, intimate carriage on the London Underground. (This story can be found in either of the two anthologies below.) The heroine, Tara, had a very fine time that warm summer’s evening in the depths of subterranean London. And there she met The Suit.

Out of all the men that night, he was the one she remembers: aloof, enigmatic, distinguished and stunning. And he left his number. On a corner of his discarded Financial Times was a clear indication to get back in touch, despite the original intention never to see any of the men again.

Featuring 'Come Underground'          watching me, watching you

Throughout Come Underground, Tara never finds out the names of the men. She refers to them simply by their distinguishing characteristics: Painter Man, Violin Pirate, Hip Hop, T-Shirt Hottie … The Suit.

This continues in the first part of the trilogy, Suited to You. In Spontaneous we meet Tara again as she ponders whether or not to get back in touch with the mysterious stranger. Of course she does! Was there ever any doubt? And he leads her into sexual experiences, spontaneous and thrilling, which she takes advantage of voraciously. But he still doesn’t tell her his name. It isn’t advisable to fall for someone whose name you don’t know, but, as Tara discovers, it may not be avoidable.

Tara is a woman we can relate to – determined, passionate, keen for experience and pleasure yet in control of her emotions. But with The Suit she meets someone who takes hold of that and runs with it, making her live her life ever more vividly. It’s that aspect of The Suit which makes him so attractive – having someone who seems to understand you better than you know yourself; forcing you to face your desires head-on: disturbing yet entrancing. Plus, he’s got really nice shoes. 😉

Spontaneous – Suited to You, Book One is out on October 31st from Xcite Books.


Names are trivial, desires are not

First post

Well, here we are. My first post on WordPress.

I’ve been off work sick all week and have been getting increasingly frustrated at not feeling up to doing anything, but I’ve finally got this up and running.

I’ll start with some art, how about that? My story, Come Underground, is out soon in the following anthologies from Xcite. ‘Watching Me, Watching You’ is the full anthology and ”Your Ultimate Fantasy’ is the mini anthology. It’s a fabulous anthology, edited by the lovely Gwennan Thomas. So if you fancy a bit of voyeuristic fun, what are you waiting for? The mini e-book is live on Kindle and the full anthology is ready for pre-order now from Xcite.

9781909520714_FC 9781908766182_FC

Here’s a little taster to whet your appetites:

The train starts again. My gaze turns to the remaining occupants of the carriage.

Further along is a guy of about 30, vaguely scanning the Evening Standard with his vividly blue eyes. His dark blond hair keeps falling rebelliously in front of his face and his gorgeous upper body is concealed only by a tight Abercrombie & Fitch T-shirt. Two seats away is an older man, mid-forties maybe, but with an elegant distinction which tightens my belly. He scrutinises the Financial Times as if his future depends on it. His suit is clearly tailored and his black shoes, so highly polished I could do my eye-liner in them, reflect the bright lights.

Judder and swish. The train continues along the track. Judder and swish. Expectation hangs thick in the air. The hip hop guy with the headphones opens his eyes briefly and meets mine before retreating back to his music.

Again, at the next station, the doors fail to open. It’s just the six of us, five men and me, and it will stay this way for the duration of the journey. That’s the deal. That’s the arrangement. It helps to have friends in high places.

Looking forward to blogging with you all! D. x

First post